How to Significantly Save on Your Mortgage Interest and Reduce the Loan Tenure

Would you like to know How to pay off your mortgage FAST? The Moratorium is now over. Do you know what options you have to optimise your repayment?

And avoid a potential mortgage CRISIS?

Why do so many home -owners get caught in a “ Never ending mortgage repayment” ? And some mortgages loan tenure unknowingly get EXTENDED ? And you didn’t know that you are also caught in this situation until much later. So you end up paying another 30 months of instalment.

We can show you how to SAVE 25 to 75% of your Mortgage interest

and REDUCE your tenure by 3 to 10 years

Proptech Foundation is committed to educate the market about the know-how of mortgage management to mitigate the potential mortgage crisis. Today we have the technology for you and the solution. A Fintech Solution : All in your Mobile.

Accuracy is what we promise you. You do not have to rely on complicated Excel spreadsheets nor calculators and not knowing if it is 99 percent accurate.

We can do a full Mortgage Analysis and simulation of your loan and a ‘report card’ will be given to you once you submit your loan information.

A special rate is given to all MSI SUMMIT attendees at ONLY RM30 otherwise we charge RM80 per assessment.